Melanie Hamrick Is Maltesegirl1218

After I called Melanie Hamrick out for another troll account, Maryann Donchez, I went back to prove my point. Melanie changed her Come On Stimmy account (where she tried to frame Kanye West, by stereotyping black rappers) to FlotusCoker. She did the same thing with Maryann, changing it to Maltesegirl1218. Last night out with my friends, she started following me from said account at 1:46am. Stalking me. Told you I can see into the future. I’m a goddess duh.

I want Alvin Bragg out of office asap, for helping a mentally ill, murderer, rapist, stalker, with no talent, from the sticks, no beauty, no style, or personality, a black magician who planned on murdering again, who is in unrequited love with me, trying to be L’Wren Scott, and forced a murder rape baby on Mick Jagger (whose kids he consented to, would be dead, had I not taken her powers). He is part of the problem. He helped a white woman lie. I will not stop until he is removed from public office. He can’t be trusted to do a job, already done for him, he has left the city and me unsafe. Enough is enough. And Mick is still trying to make it work with me, so all of you look stupid af (friends, fans, family included). Get back in your clown car and drive it to hell. That’s where you’re going anyways, enjoy your time. Athena.