Melanie Hamrick Writes Her Own Articles

Melanie Hamrick is black magician, who murdered Lwren Scott and raped Mick Jagger. She her magic by two full moons with her now defunct coven. She is not beautiful, she spent her life as an outcast. She wants to be Lwren Scott. She is delusional and dangerous. She gave Mick his heart issue, so she could play caretaker, hoping to make him fall in love. She planned on murdering his entire line to inherit his fortune, with her black magic seed’s blood. The full moon prior to his surgery was March 20-21st 2019, his heart surgery was April 3rd.

Even with Mick she isn’t noteworthy, because beauty rules and she’s not beautiful. That’s why she’s the only one of his baby mama’s who can’t get a magazine cover, or a following. She’s ugly. Her features deformed. So she writes articles lying that she’s gorgeous, because nobody else thinks it. Mick Jagger did not give his consent, he is a victim. That’s why everyone was confused about her appearance in his life. He would NEVER choose someone who looks like that, who has no style, social connections, or career, prior to him she was a background dancer. With him she was still a background dancer. He would NEVER choose her over L’wren, that’s why she can’t keep her story straight, I will be posting contradicting articles on how they met.

Below is Melanie playing her own “source.”

You’re so beautiful and cool except you had to murder, rape, and black magic and lie, you had to copy L’wren, you have to make up articles, you can’t get another suitor, like the rest of Mick’s CHOSEN with CONSENT beauties. Everyone knows he has impeccable taste, so you tried to act like you were impeccable by being “chosen.” Not even the legendary Mick Jagger can make the world at large think you’re beautiful. Nor take interest in your life. You’re a desperate weirdo. It’s embarrassing. Stop stalking me, I would never be friends with you. Two different breeds. I’m chosen, you weren’t. I don’t condone rape, murder, black magic, or babies born from evil origins. Ballet dancer’re DELUSIONAL and MEDIOCRE, THAT’S WHY YOU WERE NEVER A PRINCIPAL DANCER. Via: GQMagazine