Melanie Hamrick’s Lies Incriminate Her Again

Liar, liar, deformed nostril on fire. I’ve called Melanie Hamrick out for writing stories and paying for press, then she proves it. Note she changes her age to 35 AFTER I called out this fib. We all know she has a death grip on youth, since she’s not pretty. You gonna be young forever boo, thanks to your soul sell you won’t be here long. Just like L’Wren Scott wasn’t.

Let me guess, insolent, infantile, talentless, but has SO much to say, racist, not bright Georgia May Jagger, invited Melanie to her birthday. Lord knows Mick’s kids don’t respect him, forcing a rapist who took his soulmate into a connection. As you can see in his text via my Single White FeM(elanie) Hamrick article. They know everything, because they’ve established themselves as independent from their dad, adding to his legacy…that’s sarcasm. Georgia didn’t know I already sent around messages I haven’t publicly shared about not liking his kids. What was meant to be a plan to antagonize actually revealed her true colors. She’s an entitled, disrespectful, mediocre, racist. I’m smarter than you, even if I weren’t a goddess, I was bred smarter. I’m from the Upper East Side, we are scheming royalty. Cute try though. Dingbat. What she didn’t expect was all the other evidence I procured. Granted I provided evidence this entire time, she’s not intelligent, or a good person. Melanie being ugly is a fact of life, not being mean, but next to L’Wren it’s extremely evident. Melanie, under the impression anyone cared about Georgia’s birthday (no one cares, that’s why you have to pay for Deveraux to get attention, his kids don’t add to his legacy that’s why we aren’t interested), seizes the opportunity to run another fake story. Let’s dissect how she incriminates herself. Mind you no one except for NY Daily News ran her story, because everyone else has been informed she’s a liar, a murderer, a mediocre opportunist.

-Melanie what happened to all you other article lies? I thought you were dating him the whole time, I thought you had a secret wedding? I thought things heated up in quarantine (when he started dating me, having searched for me since Miss Lily’s in 2016)? Weren’t you celebrating seven years of black magic “love”? You literally lie SO much you can’t keep up. You’re also use to unintelligent people, so you get away with it. Too bad I’m not an idiot.

How many people owe me an apology? I don’t make shit up. Melanie, thanks for being obsessed with me and incriminating yourself AGAIN. Girl…you’re not it. You’re OFF, but what does that say about Mick Jagger’s kids if she’s smarter than them? I mean. The only one telling the truth is me. I’m so above this. After seeing how toxic his family is, all I requested was my money so I could part ways peacefully. These aren’t people I want to be around. PERIOD. Why should I? They attacked me, when I saved their lives, they don’t respect their dad, Lwren, or anything. They aren’t talented just entitled, and contribute nothing positive to his legacy. How old are you guys to behave like children? You’re grown act like it. Until you do anything on you own worth noting stfu. Learn to be humble, you guys are not a good look. What you guys don’t get, is your time is up. Karma and universal laws are now taking place. You get what you give. You blew your chance at a better fate. No matter how much you lie to yourselves, your karmic debt is sealed. Bet you wish you could turn back time, too late.