Melanie Hamrick’s Not Hot Part Three

It’s almost like she studied pictures of Lwren Scott for these staged photos in Miami, mannerisms down to a tee. Except Lwren is gorgeous and Melanie Hamrick deformed. Her features aren’t harmonious, the circular indents around her odd shaped, close together eyes, the loose leaf line paper thin lips, the uneven head, the oddly placed poorly shaped eyebrows, the missing nostril on one side, the extra skin on the other, the uneven chin, genetics like the universe were not in her favor.

Lwren older than Melanie is hotter, Lwren the same age (third row of photos) as Melanie is hotter, that’s why she didn’t black magic, murder and rape. That’s why she was chosen with consent by Mick Jagger, that’s why she was a former model and other men were interested. You wearing a sheer dress like Lwren exemplifies how incredibly unattractive you are in comparison. And yet despite all my disrespect, Melanie still wants me to like her, because she wants to be in with the in crowd, by any means necessary. Being as undignified as to insult herself for my approval, on multiple fake accounts, attempting to trick me into friendship. Pathetic. She probably would have black magicked me into being her bff, like the psycho she is. Too bad I’m more powerful. I took her powers away. That’s why she wasn’t able to go through with her plans. Mind you, Mick’s vile children, especially Georgia May, were already racially profiling me. I let them live for Mick and the mothers I once admired. I didn’t want them to endure such devastation. However, knowing what I know now, I should have at least let her get to Georgia then ended it. He was right she’s not a good person, but watching her make a fool of herself is worth it. I’ve truly never been forced to deal with someone so entitled, with so little respect for the father who makes her relevant, so little talent (you are NO Jerry Hall honey, you stare at the camera like a dead fish with seemingly one facial expression, letting your parents genes do the work, what do you actually bring to the table on your own merit…ever?), so little accountability, soul, heart, or intellect. She’s a dingbat who stood up for people attacking me when I did nothing, who don’t even like her and use her to get backstage to her dad’s show. Those people aren’t interested in you, ruining your life after you aligned souls in Melanie’s devil collection, amongst other things, is an honor. Truly. Letting her live for this very moment… WORTH it. Didn’t I tell you Georgia was racist and antagonistic? She continues to prove it, never had interest in Melanie, but her and equally off bff Brett thought they were doing something. And what is that exactly: disrespecting Lwren who saved you? Me, a victim of racism, your father who lost his soulmate and was raped, left traumatized, thinking it’s his fault? No wonder people use you, you’re a trash human being, ungrateful and basic. Ima tell y’all like I told your dad, you can disrespect him, but what you’re not gonna do is disrespect me. If someone disciplined them properly, they wouldn’t be such disgusting people. Daddy and mommy can’t save you from your fate, that’s my job and nothing on God’s green earth will change my mind. I don’t and will never like you. Thank you for sealing your fates. Get slick again, I DARE you. I gave everyone more than enough time, told them how to save themselves and tried to resolve things amicably. You chose to bully and now with proof of what I am, I will show you the same mercy you showed me multiplied. Karma.

Lwren, I’m sorry you saw the good in trash people, as you did not want to die, nor let them die, and was the victim of a fan who wanted to wear your skin. You will have your justice as promised. This is just the beginning. You guys are in for a show, let me tell ya. Next I’ll be doing a mix of articles and photos, articles she wrote and paid people to print. Psycho killer.