Mick Jagger As Apollo For Me

After killing a python Apollo saw Eros (Cupid) and started teasing him; arrogant due to his serpent slay the god of poetry, music, prophecy, and beauty felt Eros wasn’t manly enough to wield the bow and arrow. Wrathful as Greek divinities are he shoots Apollo with a gold arrow, then Daphne the water nymph with a lead one, causing Apollo to fall madly in love and Daphne to despise him.

Daphne promising to remain virginal evades him, running for her life. Apollo chases her endlessly, just when he’s about to catch her she begs her father Peneus to transform her. Peneus abides turning her into a laurel tree.

This is why wreaths crown Olympic winners, as the game is a celebration of Apollo killing the python.

Mick Jagger is telling me what he always does, that he’ll love me no matter what. Rereading the myth I broke down crying, because I loved him my entire life and it’s really over, it has to be. I tried so hard, but we’re not meant to be. All my life I thought of the lyrics “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.” How come it had to be that way? Now I know. I will always miss the good parts, like The Weakest Link, picking my nail color, when he healed me and Jagger anytime we were sick, when he wrote me poetry everyday… For the first time I’m mourning our end. We are not a happily ever after fairytale, but a Greek tragedy. It was a sweet, romantic gesture, but we just can’t be, like Mick Taylor you have to know when to walk away before the band kills you. I loved him, truly loved him, so much I gave him everything. Let me go Michael, just send the money to 500 Pearl Street and don’t make things worse. I told you to honor L’wren Scott, I told you what would happen if you didn’t, she saved you. We saved you. Don’t end up in jail like Melanie deformed face Hamrick, don’t lose everything over an ugly weirdo who raped you and murdered L’wren with plans to rape me, for once listen to me. Via: Sir Jagger