Wet On Wet With Malcolm Liepke

A curation of Minnesota born, New York based college dropout Malcolm T. Liepke. His loose brush work and wet on wet technique gives his work a luxuriant, sensual and intimate vibe. Applying wet paint to wet paint adds a quality that the figures themselves are dripping, melting in a controlled way, one that feels like the moment between moments. I feel like I’m watching the transition of water turning into vapor as we speak, the figures are present. There’s an element of motion: she’s just gyrated on the horse and is about to move again, you watched the lovers slink up the couch and you’re about to see them merge, you saw when the boozehound fell onto the couch and she’s a blink away from crashing to the floor…Which picture resonates the most with your soul right now? The first image reminds me of Jennifer Connelly on that horse in Career Opportunities.