Happy Birthday Lady Di, Missy & Debbie

Three legends one birthday. Happy birthday Princess Diana, Missy Elliot and Debbie Harry. These ladies have shaped the culture in different ways, but have one thing in common, iconic STYLE. Which one gives your favorite aesthetics? Via:90ss Classy, Dwight Marshall and Jimmy De Sana

Black Female Songwriters

Appreciation post to the talented ladies behind huge hits. Keri Hilson isn’t mentioned, as careless as she can be here are some of the songs she’s written:
“Gimme More” by Britney Spears
“Wait A Minute” by The Pussycat Dolls
“Ice Box” by Omarion

Side note shout out to Kandi Burruss for being a renaissance woman; every time I turn my head she’s doing something like winning The Masked Singer, snatching up roles (The Chi ), in a major commercial and still has time to be housewife of Atlanta (to name a few of her many projects). She never ceases to amaze. Which writer resonates with your music taste the most? Creator: Ladies And The Tunes

Quarantined Friday’s

Suddenly Paris Hilton’s downstairs nightclub makes so much sense. While the rest of us will dance in our respective living rooms, she will be at her personal club living her life. Major. Enjoy this time, no use wasting the most valued currency being down. Be grateful. Get your freak on, just six feet away from everyone else is all. Photo: Pop Cult Princess