Unfinished Business Regarding Souls

Until a continuous series of events, especially heightened during my twenty fifth year, reincarnation wasn’t something I had faith in. Watching an episode of The Nate Berkus Show featuring a past life regressionist educated me. All my life I’ve had a series of memories as a showgirl, a dancer who performed in front of massive audiences. I knew they weren’t dreams, scenes were far too detailed and interconnected. Repetitive. Walking through the backstage dressing room, being announced at my first show, the outfits, my apartment, overdosing on my birthday donning a red evening gown paired with matching elbow length gloves. Fade to black.

Berkus was told in a former life he was an aboriginal Australian. Elements of past lives always bleed into this one the regressionist stated. Berkus confirms this announcing he loves Australia and plays the didgiredoo (their indigenous instrument). Eureka! A plethora of red dress I’d purchased for significant occasions litter my wardrobe! Becoming my staple color at Miss Lily’s; on busy weekends the servers were expected to up the ante outfit wise to empty pockets. I always sizzled in a red number of some sort. Additionally people also always, always, always ask me if I’m a dancer, due to my build.

Digging deeper into reincarnation I learned that we are souls having a human experience, a lot of people we come across are one’s we’ve met in prior lives. Depending on the soul contract (the terms of your relationship, the reason you’re in each other’s life) there could be unfinished business. For it to be rectified you must do what was not done. For example if you were lovers who couldn’t be together in a previous life you’ve come back for your happily ever after. Sometimes it’s the opposite and you’re to move on. Based on the nature of our relationship, along with other variables, I’ve determined my old boss went to war and I waited for him to return. He never did, but I wait all the same. I found myself doing that in this life as well, to complete the contract I had to move on.

The point of it all being if you feel stuck in a life pattern that won’t yield, no matter how hard you try, look to the soul. Something is repeating and looping for you to repair it by doing what you could not in a past life. Soul contracts will drive you crazy until you complete them. Is there a relationship that seems stuck? Are there areas in your life that are blocked no matter what you do? Figure out- for me through my abilities and the clarity of meditation- what your soul is trying to tell you, then apply it. Only then can you elevate and open up to abundance. Photo: Hello Dongwon