Committing Myself To Passion

Last year purchasing a Passion Planner in the cutest blush pink was a waste of money for obvious reasons. With a new year just around the river bend my mind oscillated on whether it was worth getting another one. Embracing the lull of 2020, I knew there was something god wanted to teach us all, I didn’t fight the tide. My sleeping hours got all scrambled, naps became frequent, at one point I stopped exercising for a month and forgot what wearing jeans was like, amongst other things. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to let it all go with reason, when we’ve spent years keeping it together. In the final weeks of whatever the fuck that was I snapped.


Yes, if you know me, I did it in my scream chant voice.
2020 wasn’t going to turn me into something I’m not, or shape my future with the fear of uncertainty any longer.

I’m a to-do list bitch, devoted to my eraser board with it’s assortment of washable markers. I relish in the act of removing a task only to add another, creating outlines, or color coordinating my planner. I crave structure, crave it dammit. It makes me happy, it keeps me productive, I’m more thorough in my work and it soothes my anxiety regarding time. There is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist, yeah I need to find a balance, but if I saw one more error on this website that could have been corrected if I scheduled and paid attention I was going to flip out.

Not only did I order another planner, but I am committed to fully utilizing it (markers, stickers, polaroids…). In fact I’m committing to all of my passions big, or small. Even though it doesn’t sound like a big deal it totally is, it’s like playing a character instead of being your true self. If someone doesn’t like you, your feelings aren’t hurt because this isn’t who you really are.
Being non-committal prevents a bruised ego, so it seems. “Oh well I didn’t try that hard anyways.” Nobody wants to put in 100 percent for a fall through and be labeled a failure, but that’s no way to live. For one, you will never succeed at anything and unknowingly you’re manifesting your fears. You create your reality and if things don’t work out take the lesson and elevate. Plus you’ve already failed at everything you’ve ever done, that’s how you learned to master reading, writing, language, eating, etc…Be honest with yourself, are you half ass-ing engagements to prevent disappointment in the outcome? Via: Passion Planner