I Got My Period, I’m Not A Punk

Sometimes this happens after your period comes, you’re charged up and break down for what seems like no reason. Anything can set you over the edge really, stubbing your toe, someone flaking on you, a missing article of clothing when you need it most. And you’re full on spiraling, sobbing to whomever will listen, only to call them back like “I got my period.”

Subtext: I’m not an absolute lunatic, or a punk bitch. Don’t judge me for that. Pretend it didn’t happen.
When’s the last time you over cried? Why did you change your mind about it? Via: Artworld

Sex And Systems

Plenty of times, is how many times I’ve fucked the system. The system deserved it. The biggest mistake you’ll make is to underestimate me. P.s I’m from NYC we don’t do that punk shit, we’ll run pull up when disrespected, with our names attached so you know who learned you. When’s the last time you stood up to the man, or some hierarchy that does people dirty? Via: Nevermind My Mind