RIP Charlie Watts

And of course a legend who changed the world exits just the same. Everything I am is due to The Rolling Stones, the year they got back together is the year I was born. Now I know why.

We are infinite souls here to experience time, which exist only in this realm. Think of how often time comes up:
Time and place of birth.
Wasting time.
Can’t turn back time.
How old are you
Time can change me, but I can’t change time.
Your times up…
Spending time with family
Time Is On My Side

We measure our years and days, seasons and landmark events by time, because again souls are infinite, time being finite gives purpose to this incarnation. That’s why time is an illusion. We can only experience time via a body, look at what it does to it.

Where your soul goes afterwards matters, because that’s all we are. This world is a very dangerous place. Most of us have spiritual protection without even realizing it, the higher you vibrate, the closer to your soul, the more connected, the more protected. On Gigi Hadid’s last warning I told her she had her own lineage to protect, because if she aligned with that family she would be hell bound, unable to be a guardian to her line when she passed (my grandmother has saved me MANY times). Charlie Watts doesn’t have that problem, rest in peace angel. Thank you for watching over those worthy enough. Via: Darling Watts