Schiaparelli Gold Acrylics

Another example of ghetto until proven fashionable. Olympic champion Florence Joyner (aka Flojo) is an athletic icon, the fastest woman of all time and good for putting the culture on the world stage. Just in case people forget it came from black women. Let us know when black people in the fashion industry get the respect we deserve for being never ending muses. Although I do see how Uncle Tom’s who talk out of both sides of their mouth about representation, then support racist keep us in this position. They do it for the profit not the principle. This is why the bigotry continues. What else is ghetto until proven fashionable? Via: Beyond Classically Beautiful & Schiaparelli

Ruin My Life Schiaparelli

I AM HERE FOR ALLLLL OF THIS. My mind cannot begin to comprehend the levels of greatness. Which accessory is your favorite? I would die for that arm bracelet (?), but also throw in everything please. Photos: Schiaparelli