A Pearl Gasm

Just wanted to drop a pearl gasm aesthetic and dip. My favorite of this mash up is easily the hair clip. Which pearl display is your favorite? Via: Nasty Magazine, Crwn Magazine, Classic Nymph, Yuki Haze & 004 Couture

Righteous Gemstones

Are gemstones about to be the new pearls, as the must have accessory? It looks like it and I hope so. They are colorful, shiny and versatile. You can wear them on your clothes, on your face, in your hair, so many possibilities. Are you feeling it? Top: Hayley Williams for ID Magazine Bottom: Bulletin Co

Ruin My Life Schiaparelli

I AM HERE FOR ALLLLL OF THIS. My mind cannot begin to comprehend the levels of greatness. Which accessory is your favorite? I would die for that arm bracelet (?), but also throw in everything please. Photos: Schiaparelli