Style With: Oumayma Elboumeshouli

Elevated streetwear. Super sophisticated, the color schemes for most of her outfits are in the same ball park made refined by the embellishments, layers and details. Look three: the green fringe dress over the puff sleeved top could have gone horribly wrong, but the 3/4 length makes it work. The embroidered dress doesn’t clash with the striped top, it makes for brilliant print mixing instead. She does it again with look four: multicolored patched jeans with a multicolored top, the light blue circles bringing it together. Look seven: architectural in the construction of the jacket (with it’s boxy shoulders) over the white ribbed corset, well done. I’m not even going to go into the pleated jacket with the dress underneath, if you know you know. Which look is your favorite? Via: Oumayma Elboumeshouli

Pucca Boo

Pucca is giving me life with this sophisticated street wear wave. It’s that effortless cool, you just threw the outfit on, but the details are chic af. I’ll take the pleated trench, the gem embellished denim skirt and khaki dress please. Which items are you putting in your shopping cart? Do you hate the collection or love it? Photos: Pucca Aonni Insta

Style With Clara Berry

Sincerely obsessed with Clara Berry, a french student who parlayed her instagram into a modeling contract. Her street style caught the attention of a scout and the rest is history. THIS is the difference between style and fashion. Style is uniquely you, something you’ve created, fashion is what others tell you to wear. Photos: Clara Berry