Now We Ripe The Harvest

Co-creation is applying actions to your prayers, manifestations, etc…by following the guidance of the universe. Now is the time to rest, all the cards tell me so. I’ve done the cooperative part NOW we ripe the harvest!

Letting go is crucial to the process, it’s trusting the universe. If you don’t have that faith, that trust, nothing will happen. All alignments were handled on the last full moon. At first I felt like a failure for all the souls lost in the devil’s collection’s. Those people are from the old world. The one that ends. I save what’s left for the new world order, if you aren’t in that alignment you end with the ways of old. It’s time to celebrate! If you could see into the future the way I do, you would understand. This is the karmic season, that’s how the year finishes out.

Now is the time for me to study, my first divine will be here sooner than later. Artemis incarnated. I will have to teach her many things, her siblings as well. I thought maybe I failed and it would all escape me, this planet slipping into a cataclysmic end. I’m here, because it doesn’t. Pop Quiz: Which black magicians am I speaking of? Via: Tailored Art