Pay Attention To “Friends”

Let’s take it from the top shall we. Now this person re-entered my life lonely and in peril. Absolutely everyone had abandoned them including their partner. I got them back together by telling this person exactly what to say, to the tee. I’m literally the reason they are together. I also told them the mother of said partner was doing black magic, not the third party who ruined their relationship. This person threw out all of the items given to them by the mom and their relationship became pretty much perfect. EVERYONE told them to stay away from the person they loved, but I told them the truth you cheated to get into this relationship this is your karma. I got them on the path to betterment including working out. Again without me, my words, my plan they would not be together.

As soon as this person got what they wanted they became low vibrational again. Suddenly I understood why all their friend groups ditched them and their best friend stopped picking up their calls. DRAINING negative energy. When they told me their friend blamed losing their baby via miscarriage on them I thought it was messed up, until they told me they manifested their sister’s miscarriage. I kept these stories in mind. When this person left me on Canal street (the scary, spaced out, creepy part) at 2am and I had to beg them to wait for me to get an Uber after a lackluster night with their friends, whom they rate higher then their ghetto friends (who are a million times more fun) I decided that was enough. I told Mick that night I wanted to sever ties, he convinced me to stay feeling bad for them. I stopped talking to them and felt amazing, like their other friends I stopped picking up their calls, but they couldn’t take the hint. I gave them a chance because of Michael.

In addition to the incident I realized this person goes on and on about a mundane life, the only time they’re truly interesting is when they do immoral things. They also kept invalidating my life and experiences which is why I posted that emotional invalidation post. Never been to an event in their life, never interacted with a celebrity, but had so much to say when they aren’t in any capacity a socialite. In fact they made it quite clear they hang with their friends to feel superior. Going as far as to berate and belittle their physically and domestically abusive relationships. This person has loyalty to no one from the way they talk, not friends nor family and doesn’t just gossip, but talks horrific shit. When I defended the friend of theirs that I met and like, this person warped stories for me to feel the opposite. The amount of lies this person tells I don’t believe a THING that comes out of their mouth. Then as a nobody had so much to say about Mick, who gave them the benefit of the doubt. I also realized Mick and I didn’t have terrible arguments until this person came back into my life. Just like manifesting the miscarriages of their loved ones, they were doing it to me. This person didn’t even reach their true life goal, but wants to be better than everyone else. We don’t even do the same thing. Then had the nerve to ask me to prove myself to them…who are you again? Getting rid of them by any means necessary was necessary, at least I get to disrespect Melanie, your partner would never allow you that. This is a short version of the depths of lies, hypocrisy, manipulation, callousness this person has displayed. This is just one of many cards I got warning me about them. All my other friends were asking if I’m okay, being what friends should be. I truly hope this person gets therapy to work out their issues. Behaving in this manner means you aren’t fulfilled, I wish them the best but GOOD RIDDANCE. I supported their messy relationship, helping them and they tried to ruin mine under the guise of caring, the same thing they accused their BFF of doing to them. If someone doesn’t give what they receive let them go. Pray for them. Via: Guided By Water & Taror OG