The Benefit Of Unravelling

Sometimes unraveling yarn causes a big mess, like when you leave your knitting out in the first stage of being a cat mom and come home to find Jagger fucked your living room up. Just yarn everywhere.

Typically when yarn is unravelled it’s to turn into something better, beautiful, functional, a metamorphosis of the best kind. A blanket for your baby, a hat to keep your head warm, socks for the feet of someone you love. This is how you should see tower moments (tarot card reference), where things are difficult and you’re pushed to the brink. A glorious unravelling for you to build something new, greater, stronger. You gotta co-create though, by knitting putting those needles to work, that’s what you have to do with the universe. Feel like falling apart? That’s okay, it’s human nature. Artist: David Shrigley

Rider- Waite Tarot Nails

Major. J’adore this tarot nail design. I want one, but I’d switch out some of the cards. Urgh another sign to get back into tarot reading. I haven’t touched my deck since Covid. Do you like them, or is it a hard pass? Artist: Baluja Nails