Come And Go Like Seasons

Deadass. A tough pill to swallow is letting go of relationships you thought would last forever. That’s just how it be sometimes. Fear not, there’s a plus side- the lesson learned, either through betrayal, a tragedy, a move, a reversal of fortune, there’s a million reasons bonds break. I let go of a friend who disappeared and even added to my stress when I was down, but as soon as she saw me release those receipts wanted to mosey back into my life after disappearing for six months…bitch bye. Social climber. It solidified to trust my instinct when you read a person the first time. From the dog kicking story, to stealing credit cards of a lost wallet to cover a tab, a person with no moral compass is not for me. Lesson learned, she also taught me a lot about spirituality from a different cultural perspective adding to my wealth of knowledge. For that I thank her and wish it could have been different, but hey the milk expired. Who was the last person you let go of and what was the permanent lesson? Via: 4Am Whistle