Pick A Witch

Def Hermione Granger. If my kids don’t like Harry Potter I will literally disown them. Deadass. What you’re not gonna do is disrespect me. You can gather your belongings and exit the premises. Also there needs to be more witches of color. Which witch are you? Via: House Craft Official

Six Best 90s Teen Movies

JAWBREAKER- Cult classic. Rose Mcgowan at her very best is a teenage monster. She murders her friend when a birthday tradition goes wrong. Fern, a loser who goes to give Liz (the dead one) her homework, overhears what happened. To prevent Fern from snitching, Mcgowan gives her a full blown makeover. Turning her from the biggest loser to the baddest bitch in school; Violet (Vi-Oh-LET) is born. She starts wildin out, dancing on cars in front of school, stealing boyfriends, smoking cigarettes and usurps Mcgowan. So what happens when you upset the Queen B? Will she murder again, or will justice be served?

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU– Based on Shakespeare’s classic Taming Of The Shrew. Bianca (Alex Mack) is the most popular girl in school, a virginal one at that. However, she can’t go out let alone be deflowered until her crotchety, misanthropic, older sister does. Kat (Julia Stiles) use to be popular, but inexplicably gave it all up. Insert Heath Ledger, the new guy at school with a bad reputation (in all fairness he was putting his fingers in fire during science class), the only one deemed capable of taming Kat. Through a complex, multi-layered scheme Heath is paid to seduce Kat, so the many admirers of Bianca (one dude trying to do the right thing, but he’s a nobody, the cool one trying to hit it) can shoot their shot. Betrayal, deception, romance, secrets uncovered, this movie brings drama and is funny af. WE LOVE YOU HEATH.

THE CRAFT– Another cult classic. The new girl in town finds it harder to make friends in L.A than she expected. Stumbling upon a group of outcast she finds her tribe. Sick of being picked on, they use magic to get back at their haters and make their outlandish wishes come true. A coven is born. Then the coven is unspooled when these witches have different ideas of good and evil. They. Go. To. War. Full on from friends, to somebody gotta die today homie.

CLUELESS– Based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma, Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is a virgin who can’t drive. On the prowl to find the perfect mate, she’s determined to put out for the ‘one’. She gets robbed, almost dies and starts failing classes, sis a mess. Her pet project (WE LOVE YOU BRITTANY MURPHY) turns on her, trying to steal her dudes. Cher gotta figure it out real quick, or else.

SHE’S ALL THAT– Freddie Prinze Jr., a.k.a the boy next door with his cute ass, gets dumped by his girlfriend. She starts dating a dude from The Real World (which is weird cause she was only in high school when I think about it). A savage, she proceeds to rub it in his face continuously in front of large groups, their friends, anybody actually. Filled to the brim with male ego, Freddie Prinze takes on a bet from Paul Walker (WE LOVE YOU), claiming his ex is also replaceable. It’s decided that he can turn weirdo Rachel Lee Cook into prom queen. Just in time to destroy his ex-girlfriends dream of the crown. Does he do it though? Sisqo’s in this movie, so is Lil’ Kim. There’s also an epic dance scene to Fatboy’s Slim ‘The Rockerfeller Skank’ that can’t be missed.

BRING IT ON– Kirsten Dunst is hyped she gets chosen as captain of the cheerleading squad. They win National’s every year, it’s nothing. One day she finds out that Big Red (the old captain) was culturally appropriating their material. Sis was riding into the black part of town, stealing their material, driving back to her side, and winning with their work. Just like real life. Finally Gabrielle Union calls them out, dog walking them at their own game, when her squad performs the same routine from the stands. Kirsten Dunst decides to do the right thing and create their work from scratch, but is it enough to win National’s this year, or nah? EPIC EPIC opening scene.

*Special thanks to Gabrielle Union for being in 50% of these movies, representing black women in predominately white spaces, which was relatable for me.