Why Melanie Hamrick Did It

Being cool and beautiful, popular and pretty, pretty people privilege, that was Melanie Hamrick’s motive. How many industries and empires are built upon these principles? Melanie with her thin chapped lips, raggedy parted ponytail, pencil thin eyebrows, pumpkin head, close together eyes, long one nostril extra skin nose, uneven chin, is the invisible girl in Buffy. She wanted to be in the in crowd, because it’s human priority.
It’s what drives her to be my wannabe minion, but she couldn’t even be my minions, minions, minions, minion…for the aforementioned reasons and more. She’ll still try though. And fail.

Being beautiful and cool means free stuff, special treatment everyday, the world bowing to your feet for simply existing, exceptions to the rule, compliments and more. Those who have it believe it’s the norm. It’s not. Look around, in what ways do these traits shape your world and the world at large? L’wren was so beloved, talented, gorgeous, irreplaceable…ugly bitch, never forget it.