Diego And I, 1949

My art dissertation was on Frida Kahlo. Studying her work I learned it’s literal, she uses it as cathartic therapy. In this piece she has husband Diego Rivera as her third eye, while tears stream down her face. Diego was unscrupulous in their marriage, a notorious cheater who had an affair with her sister and many others. This painting definitely sums up her hurt over their toxic, toxic marriage. Third eyes are powerful, they see the intangible, the hidden, they represent spiritual power. Yet, she is not his third eye. What do you think that says about this painting? While she sees him as a source of power, what does he feel for her? Which toxic lover would you have on your forehead if this painting were about you? Artist: Frida Kahlo

Favorite Pastime Of Toxic Men

On the plus side, being harried by countless men while simply trying to walk, has also been deferred. In New York City this is the toxic males favorite pastime. Standing on the streets demanding women yield to their sexual desires. Said female after showing disinterest, is then called a bitch.
Maybe she’s taken option B, lying about having a boyfriend, because men respect other men, even if they aren’t real. Catcalling, following/walking along, ignoring no as an answer, being disrespectful…all inappropriate ways to treat women. We aren’t property, or second class citizens. Am I missing any toxic male behavior? Via: EverThineEverMineEverOurs