A New Twist On Atlantis

The mythical Atlantis written by Plato was said to be an advanced civilization in 360 b.c. A naval power with sight’s set on expanding it’s empire. The denizens of Atlantis fell out of favor with the gods. The deities angered by their immoral behavior sent a night of natural disasters leading to their watery graves.

Sound eerily familiar?

What if Atlantis wasn’t a once upon a time, but a prophecy? Here me out, here me out. We are currently the most consumer driven, money oriented, technologically advanced civilization to date. Told time and time again that our wasteful habits will end the world by climate change. Still fossil fuel companies continue to deplete the Earth’s natural resources and pump carbon dioxide into the air. What will come of all of this? Incessant natural disasters with sea levels rising until large bodies of land are underwater, just like Atlantis. If that isn’t creepy.

But here’s the thing. I think we make it. We have entered this age of Aquarius where despite what it seems there is more love pumping into the atmosphere everyday, think about it. Homosexuals can get married, KKK members lost their jobs for rallying, plastic is being pushed out, clean energy is getting funded, transgendered people are gaining more rights, punishment for hate crimes that are racially based are taken more seriously, (it’s now a crime to call the cops on someone who isn’t doing anything, because so many people were being racially profiled)…Yes we still have a long ways to go, there are kids being held in cages at the border. But we are doing it together by acknowledging our faults and progressing.