Honey Honey

My ex boyfriend taught me the true meaning of the phrase, you catch more flies with honey. A lesson he learned from his father, a successful businessman. He was the first person to do frozen at sea salmon, selling his technique to the Japanese.

In the four years of our relationship, I watched him negotiate with people over things that weren’t bargain items. He never failed to get a discount. I also watched my mom talk many taxi drivers, newsstand men, restaurants…into giving her free everything. Simply due to kindness, the way you speak to people, the way you make them feel. Next time you’re irritated don’t bitch the person out, just try to understand them, treat them like the human they are and it will work wonders. A thank you so much, in a tone of genuine appreciation can go a long way.

Try it. You’d be surprised. This is why people are loyal to me, because I care, I treat them with kindness, compassion and love. It seems small, but it moves mountains. Could you be more kind in your day to day life, especially when you’re upset? Via: Sigh Humans