Beating Yourself Up

Sent this to my friend yesterday with the message “This is you.” She concurred. No matter how wonderful most people find her, she constantly beats herself up. Never good enough for herself, using others as a comparison to diss herself, refusing to acknowledge how far she’s come, magnifying her flaws every other second. As someone who loves her it breaks my heart. She is her own abuser and it’s hard to watch.

Listen I’ve been there, you come into this world thinking it’s magic. As you grow from childhood to adulthood the in between is filled with people clipping your wings, telling you magic isn’t real, that you aren’t hot shit, that you should hate yourself as much as they hate themselves. Shifting back into a positive mindset is the hardest thing I have ever done, it requires a fortitude gained only by hardships and healing, but it’s worth it. Once you have it no one can take it from you. Plus practice makes perfect, you get better at being positive the more you do it. Does someone you know need to hear this? Are you your own abuser? Kick your ass to the curb, look in the mirror and scream I REUBUKE THEE ME or you can do what she said. Afterwards name one thing you fancy about yourself. P.s Bunny Michael is a queen and I love her introspective centered work. Artist: Bunny Micheal