No Pain No Gain

Watching my mom completely depend on my stepdad financially, I never want to be in that position. Having someone have the final say. I wasn’t raised to be a feminist, I grew into one. I was taught to do laundry and the dishes, or how am I going to find a husband. That’s part of the why trusting someone to lead is difficult for me. Everything happens for a reason. Once this lesson is learned and the soul contract closed, I will still be vulnerable, but more assertive in my boundaries. Love is about balance and partnership, not power and control. I’ve seen it growing up and refuse to be a man’s accessory, equal partner, even if we play different roles, is it. I can be bitter, or trust in the universe having a better plan, I choose the latter. Do bad experiences inhibit you from opening yourself up again? How has that worked out? Via: Law Of Void