A Wedding & A Funeral

What is there to say? Except I learned what some of you will, i.e those who stuck by the trash ignoring all the red flags. I was taught what I preached: when you affiliate with certain folks it’ll cost you, even if you’re a good person. All the good I’ve done and two dreams are forever dead 1) seeing The Rolling Stones play, the four 2) watching my best friend walk down the aisle and exchange vows with her soulmate. Instead a family filled with ego caused karmic chaos by arrogance and ruined both for me. What did I say the Jaggers would learn in my Sometimes Time Is Of The Essence article? Oh that’s right, knowledge from pain, dire consequences, for disrespecting the dead, affiliating with demonic people and with cruel intentions try to teach a lesson to someone protecting them and now look…until they rectify their wrongs it’s only going to get worst. Is it still cute liking, following and aligning with someone who murdered and raped to spite someone who was a victim of racial profiling, some being your friends who also disrespected your father? Grow up. Time is running out on you righting your wrongs too and this time I’m not saving your asses. I’ve had enough of putting people first who haven’t earned it. I will no longer add to your entitlement. Being kind didn’t work so now you have bitchy, reality check me.

The same as what those affiliated with the Kardashian’s will learn. Pay attention to the signs, or it’ll cost you. In your case eternal damnation. In my case irreplaceable, priceless, once in a lifetime moments.

There are positive things that came of it, but I’m not ready to share with you, if ever. With a new guide I’m learning the value of silence (amongst other things). Turns out dreams die, but Charlie Watts timing is never off. Cherish what’s truly important. Is there someone you need to tell fuck off for your own good? Via: Spiritual Elevation