Melanie Is Still A Loser

Even with Mick Jagger Melanie Hamrick is still an unattractive loser who stalks me. As soon as I called her a roach she created another troll account, this one was made on August 15th. She then changed her Come On Stimmy account to Floutcoker, after being called out for trying to frame Kanye West. You left the ballet you never reached the top of, to be a baby mama to a black magic rape baby, to collect checks. Won’t be worth it with the karma coming your way, you will leave this world entering eternal damnation knowing true pain, triple to the pain you caused.

L’wren Scott came to me when I ignored Mick, because she was going to kill them all for the money, which Devereaux would inherit. Imagine forcing your way in with murder and rape to take out those born with consent, because you’re ugly and desperate. This is why the Hamrick’s will be wiped out in return. The Jagger family then disrespects me and L’wren, for without us they wouldn’t be here. You’re on borrowed time with alchemy to turn your chaotic darkness into light and if you don’t you will be spared no mercy. For the karmic debt you’ve accrued in these months, well, you simply can’t afford to pay. Even I follow the sacred laws of the universe, people have forgotten what that means. That’s why the world is ending, the human ego that succumbed to social constructs created by their myopic minds, to justify their greed and cruelty.