L’wren Scott 2014 Vs. Melanie Hamrick

Let’s take a trip back in time. The first photo is Melanie flying to Japan in 2014 where she met, but really decided to black magic Mick Jagger and be L’wren Scott. Melanie looks a MESS compared to Lwren at any age, but the photo below is gorgeous Lwren at the time. You’re telling me Mick Jagger saw the uneven nostril, messy ass hair, thin eyebrows, close together weird shaped eyes, thin lips, no body like Lwren, who was an entire model before being a designer and went WILD over her? She wasn’t even the star of the show. A little over a month later Lwren Scott was dead. Disgusting, deformed, desperate Melanie then shouts out her coven on Halloween aka thanks for helping me murder, rape and black magic, then produce a seed that will return to the darkness I created. STILL not influential, STILL has no career. Beauty is power and your time is up. Lwren Scott is gone forever, because she decided she deserved the life Lwren earned. You cannot do magic that dark and get away with it dummy. But the good news is everything I promised you is happening, I told you’d I get you the attention you wanted didn’t I? I’m a woman of my word. May Lwren rest in power, peace and love, the opposite of what Melanie will experience. Via: Christine Shevchenko