The Lesson Of L’Wren Scott

The absolute most important rule to take from L’Wren Scott is this: love transcends death, it is the strongest bond of all. We’re all just souls borrowing bodies to experience this lifetime. L’Wren loved Mick Jagger and his family so much, she protected them from the other side. Limned more by the fact that I ignored Mick saying Melanie Hamrick is evil. Those going to hell won’t be able to protect, guide, or exchange love with the people they care for. The world is a dangerous place, guardians and those who’ve passed protect you far more than you can imagine.

Determined to soak up the sun for a minimum of six plus hours, I got up early as hell for the sojourn to Riis Beach. Little things kept making me late, I was infuriated. Turns out being tardy saved my life, a gunman got on my very stop and opened fire on the platform, at the exact time I’d planned to be there. Or another instance when I forgot to set my alarm, only waking up in time for my strict job due to a disembodied voice distinctly going: pssst Jaquana. Or that time I was seeing a guy for his motorcycle. On our first date we planned on riding it to Queens from the UES, except as soon as he parked to pick me up, it went kaput. Stopped working out of nowhere. Why? We we didn’t know, the tank was full and there were no mechanical problems, he’d only stopped it to give me a helmet. Turns out multiple accidents happened on the route we planned to take. I saw news articles on it later, the light rain became heavy, at least five crashes occurred. Only when it was time to part, hours later, did his bike start again. All protection from the unseen untethered by these bodies. L’Wren loved her family, friends and cried over Lucas Jagger the longest on her departure, she wanted to see him grow in this world. Melanie took the things she loved away from her, against her freewill. A sacred law. She and the product created from evil, those aligned with her, will pay. You reap what you sow. How many moments of guidance you taken for granted? Via: Lwren Scott