Are You Closed Minded And Stagnant?

Damn, I know so many closed minded people who find learning, evolving, a waste of time. They’re also the most miserable, jealous and want to bring others down to their low vibration. These are the people I outgrew and dumped. I didn’t realize it was due to their closed minds until seeing this post. When your entire friend group, or family is liked this, going against the herd is hard. Let me tell you, worth it. If they can’t keep up, belittling you for choosing yourself, make your own way. Dare to be a better version of yourself, dare to be different. Don’t dim your star for the ignorant, let them stew in their own stagnancy. Go be the star you were born to be. Let them watch from the gutter darling. Which group do you fit into? Be honest with yourself. How does it correlate to your joy? Are you willing to make the necessary changes? Via: SelfCareExpress