Chris Evans The Fake Nice Guy

After messaging me, appearing in my dreams and involving himself in my affairs, I begged Chris Evans to help me. “Don’t leave me with him, he scares me [his level of cruelty, he has no empathy or sympathy].” Keep in mind this is before I cleansed myself. Chris offered to help first mind you. His help came with a catch, he wanted dirty pictures of me, I refused. I didn’t want to take Mick Jagger to court to protect his career, his legacy, to escape the drama peacefully. Chris is mentioned in my lawsuit and I’ll provide the exchanges in court. He’s a fraud. On his brother’s birthday he pretended to be Mick (to be antagonistic in cahoots with an old psycho), but guess what? Mick doesn’t call me babe bitch, he calls me baby (Mick def told him what to say, but he slipped being wasted). You’re a fake nice guy, frat bro, asshole. You will never touch this, in your life bitch. I didn’t want to post a picture of him, his beauty distracts from his horrific behavior.

Enjoy. This is the only dirty pic you’ll ever get. How do you live with yourself? Please note no one’s checking for Melanie ugly Hamrick, Mick asked me for pictures two weeks ago, I blocked him. Via: ChrisEvans.FR