Melanie Hamrick Is Come. On. Stimmy

The fact that Melanie deformed face Hamrick would look at these photos and submit them, shows a level of mental instability that can’t be quantified. One that extends to Mick Jagger’s mediocre, idiot children, then again we don’t expect much from you. You’ve accomplished nothing major and have earned nothing on your own. A joke. Me, a goddess, blend with you, trash? HA. You’re an embarrassment, Rupert Murdoch may be unscrupulous, but he raised his kids better.
Below you’ll find the exact moment I decided to incarcerate this ugly bitch. After blocking her, she kept making accounts. Ones I exposed on July 23rd 2021. That’s how I knew she was Come.On.Stimmy, she made yet her 30th account to stalk and harass me on, having the temerity to message my friend NikkiMarie17 aka Nikki Wiki Sticks. As you can see she incriminates herself again, trying to get my evidence of her murdering L’wren Scott removed.

Now you look like stupid, because these very comments are sending you to prison. You’re an ugly loser, who stalks, rapes and murders people, all to end up broke and imprisoned. Mick was the one who wanted you gone in the first place. Look at you, he doesn’t even remember meeting you, you rapist. You’re an unattractive parasite. Later I’ll show proof of how she attempted to frame Kanye West with this account.

Melanie also commented on this very blog, trying to frame Catherine Montgomery, who she also stalked and harassed. As you can see she refers to her murder rape baby as angel in her stories last summer and on my page. A baby Mick Jagger doesn’t want. Don’t ever insult my beauty by saying I would stalk you. You’re not even basic, you’re below it and now you’re in love with me. Don’t worry you can find a girlfriend in prison and pretend, while I collect your money. How humiliating is it going to be when I seize your house? You’ll be famous for all the wrong reasons, the devil’s deals are indeed tricks. He’s no one’s friend.

Had Alvin Bragg the felon, put more in his head than his stomach, he wouldn’t be going to jail then hell. Go to trial, which I set this up to do, you lose. Dismiss the case, you lose. Either way you committed a crime and will be going to prison. Which route incurs less damages? That’s the route you need to take. Enjoy your time Humpty Dumpty. You got away with SO much, then you tried a goddess and Queen of witches. You can’t escape me.

Melanie is a desperate joke. Mick would never pick someone who looks like this, ugly. That’s why she has no career, or other interested suitors, even with a legend. Holding an old man hostage, pathetic. If you were beautiful you’d have options like me and all of Mick’s consensual choices. Nothing about you is beautiful, cool, stylish, or talented, your coven will join you in jail, they’re ugly too tbh, a group of losers. How are you going to pay me? Via: Daily Mail &