My Favorite Superbowl Reaction

This makes me crack up. Queen Ri is back bitches. Someone another account said, “Y’all mad excited for the Superbowl, you’re never getting that new album. Rihanna is gonna use it to announce Fenty Sport.” On one hand it was funny, on the other hand she’s about business and this could very well happen. I’m not going to get my hopes up, not after years, years, wasted believing in Lindsay Lohan returning to acting. No one’s finna play with my heart like that again. Ya feel me? Once she didn’t give af about Oprah I should have given up, nope not me, just kept on keepin on. Rihanna please don’t break my heart. Which songs do you think she’ll perform? Will this woman get a wedding stand in? Bet she wish she had a sibling like Akon to stand in for her. Via: Black Information Network