Angry Rolling Stones Release

I’m going to keep this brief, Angry is a song about our relationship. Mick Jagger told me he was writing songs about us. That I’d be happy to hear them. He was right, which annoys me. I love the song. Although the lyrics and illustrations of my stabbing his diamond heart is revisionist history. Much like the lyrics, um I’m angry with you for a million reason including: making me miss Sara Tam’s wedding, letting your kids disrespect me, you taking all my money, you not honoring L’wren Scott– who helped me save your family’s life from ugly, satanist Melanie Hamrick’s attempted murder of your family, using that murder rape baby’s blood to take his fortune, which was repaid by you aiding in a felony against me…I’m actually going to save it for when I annotate the lyrics. You did cause me pain. I adored and genuinely loved him, which was taken for granted. Is he serious about why I’m angry at him? Damn him for the song being good.Via: Rolling Stones Insta