Lit Library

This speaks to my soul. Christmas lights surrounding my books, a marvelous idea! A library in my home has always been a must. Adding this to my mental Pinterest board (minus that excessive science fiction books, I like to mix it up), along with that disco ball I saw in someone else’s interior. Remember never trust a person who doesn’t have books in their home (either that’s a saying or Emilia Clark’s dad said that in a quote that appears on my explore page all too often, it’s up in the air for now). Designer: Elizabeth Sagan

Versus Jar Edition

Truth be told both jars would be plentiful, I have a potty mouth. I’ve been cursing since I was 7 years old, it’s a part of me who I am. The plus side is people who curse, comme moi, are more intelligent and honest according to science (google it!). Which jar would collect them coins? What are you reading now? What’s your favorite swear word?