Monsters Deserve Monsters

“She made my cat bleed, I’m going to make her kids bleed! That fucking dog too!!” I screamed on the phone to Melinda. My boss at the time had given me a plant, which I nurtured, feeding her intentions which were sinister. When Nani told me she believed Sue did black magic while in South Africa, “I’m telling you bro, something isn’t right about this place,” real talk I ignored her. I didn’t believe small, white, frumpy Sue, with her unbrushed hair did any of that. Nor did I think my cat Jagger was a familiar, let alone my familiar, as Nani stated numerous times. What I did know is this random restaurant in Gramercy sure did attract a lot of strange events, we also made the most money when negative. Odd, but I didn’t look into it. Until…

“Follia means madness in Italian,” Nani disclosed. This piqued my interest, a name sets an intention, why would you call your restaurant such a thing? I thought back on all the homeless people this place attracted, how she allowed a soiled homeless man to sit at the bar during a busy brunch. One costumer guest vomited inhaling the effluvium of his defecation. We comped her bill and sent her party a round of drinks on the house. My idea. Had I been in her shoes I wouldn’t have paid a cent. These people were spending hundreds of dollars and should not be subjected to this olfactory abuse.

I’ll tell the full story of the supernatural events of that place later. The point of this story is once I discovered she was trying to kill my cat, I got rid of the plant. Out of anger I screamed how I would make her children bleed to one friend and the next day…Nani calls me. She worked the lunch shift and Sue’s kids, Alex and I think Nick is his name, started bleeding randomly within five minutes of each other. Nick cut his finger deeply with a knife and had to get off the floor it was so bad, then Alex’s (even people who don’t judge remarked that her vibe was evil) nose started to bleed randomly. “It was just weird and out of nowhere.” I told her what I told Melinda, I told Melinda what happened. I could sense their fear. I was scared of myself. Just the day before I made that declaration. And while it wasn’t the first time this happened it was the most significant. This is why I try not to get angry. I could no longer deny my abilities, nor could my friends.

Now I’m fearless, for the most part. I don’t want to be a despot, but I’ve been far too kind. The reason I am what I am is because I won’t and don’t abuse my powers, but I will abuse bad people. That being said you guys better run if you’re not in my good graces. Monsters deserve monsters. Please trust me, if you think you’re going to win, you won’t. If you think I’m someone to joke about, don’t. You should of listened. Good luck. P.s: remember homeless people and negative energy, I’ll tell you why it matters spiritually. The latter is why Kanye purposely got those artists he removed off DONDA angry. Via: Lolita Diamond