Period Roulette

Real talk. Even though periods differ month to month it’s usually day one that takes me over the edge. If my uterus wants to play Russian roulette with me, like I won’t k.o us both, so be it. If you are having bad cramps hot compression pads, hot showers, chocolate, weed and working out are some solutions. Also water, water, water, dehydration exacerbates the pain. Via: Ms Bling Miami

Thanksgiving Tip

I am not going to put up recipes, since this is my first year. To go all out would be like the first pancake, a waste. But I will give you a tip.

Don’t wear jewelry when cooking. My first time as Thanksgiving hostess with the mostest, I went full out, dressed up and learned the hard way that it will burn your skin. Duh. The kitchen is three hundred degrees. Never did that again.

Otherwise be grateful for the things you have, that is the whole point of the holiday. Name five things you’re grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving.