Thanksgiving Tip

I am not going to put up recipes, since this is my first year. To go all out would be like the first pancake, a waste. But I will give you a tip.

Don’t wear jewelry when cooking. My first time as Thanksgiving hostess with the mostest, I went full out, dressed up and learned the hard way that it will burn your skin. Duh. The kitchen is three hundred degrees. Never did that again.

Otherwise be grateful for the things you have, that is the whole point of the holiday. Name five things you’re grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

There, There

This is super apt since Columbus Day just passed. There, There is author Tommy Orange’s literary debut. It tells the story of the Native American diaspora, the consequence of a genocide that America masks and glorifies. Through various perspectives, the reader is able to see the cause and effect the massacre of these people have had generationally.

Imagine trying to put together the pieces of broken glass. Gathering up all the pieces is nearly impossible, even if you did what tools could you use to put it all back together? How do you do it without getting shards underneath your skin, without bleeding? This is the struggle of the contemporary Native Americans, trying to rebuild what was dismantled and destroyed.

Beyond history class, Columbus Day and Thanksgiving, where are the voices of the Native American people? This book is gritty, thought provoking, heart rending and necessary. These voices need to be heard. Their stories are integral to the history of the American people.