The Super Buck Moon

The biggest super moon of the year has just passed. The Buck moon is affiliated with my baby Artemis, goddess of animals and the hunt, amongst many things. Personally I did a cord cutting ritual (which should only be done on a full moon, or a Sunday), causing me to pass out a solid twelve hours. My candle burned all the way through, while Mick Jagger’s (the cord I cut) did not. I haven’t researched it yet, but instinctively I feel it’s because I’m free from this karmic connection and he’s still stuck on it. When I get the facts I’ll let you know. Our souls were tied from many past lives together, explaining my lifelong obsession. Anyways I feel liberated.

All of the above applies to me right now: I’ve been guzzling water, knocking out, welcoming change, ending shit, releasing this heavy, draining, toxic relationship, realized someone learned how to astral project and comes into my dreams (thank God for this person protecting me, they have a witches mark; I think I might have stayed til I drowned without them) and as for signs LADYBUGS are everywhere. One fell from the ceiling in front of me, one crawled my body at the beach, last night for the first time ever I saw a baby ladybug!!! A BABY! Energies have shifted, can you feel it? How did you full moon? How is it affecting you? Via: Forever Conscious