The Size Of Grapefruit By Eva Woolridge

“A visual narrative based on Eva’s traumatic medical event which highlights the emotional stages from before, during and after her surgery. Her objective is to address the lack of information and medical attentiveness available for Black women regarding their reproductive health. Eva’s story addresses symptoms of ovarian cysts and the micro aggressions Black women face during times of crisis…” –Leica Camera

Black women have higher death rates under medical care, especially noted during labor. Why? We are perceived as being able to tolerate more pain, ignored when agony is vocalized. Whereas our white counterparts are over medicated.

Benefits Of A Citrus Aesthetic

Stay healthy with a daily dose of citrus. Boosts your immune system, fights off colds and infections, prevents cancer, keeps your skin moist and is filled with essential vitamins. What’s the last citrus fruit you ate? When? Health is wealth, your body is a temple, the coronavirus is a great reminder of that.

Eva Woolridge

Evelyn Hofer
Richard Kalvar
Gab Bois
Nana Yaw Oduro