Clean And Clear Skin

People who know me are always flummoxed that I don’t wear foundation, nor do I contour my face. Fortunately enough I was born with bone structure, so there’s no need for that. As I’ve said in prior post, my skin routine is French AF. I am dedicated to taking care of my skin, as opposed to dousing it in pounds of make up. Part of my routine is washing my face daily, with Clean and Clear.

I go between the blackhead eraser and the deep action scrubs. Both work. The key components being that they exfoliate my skin and have salicylic acid, an essential ingredient in fighting acne and removing blemishes. If you don’t exfoliate you’re literally walking around with dead skin piled on your face. Yuck!

These cleansers are oil free, don’t dry out your skin and are gentle enough to use everyday. So I do. For other face clearing tips peep the links below:

Egg mask:
Aztec Mark:

A Glowing Complexion

One of my must have products is Lush Ocean Salt. It’s probably the best exfoliate I’ve ever used and smells amazing. You can use it on your face, or any part of your body. It’s so strong you can’t use it two days in a row, as it will leave your skin raw. I love using it on my lady bits, my armpits and my face specifically. It makes my tattoos look brand spanking new and super sharp, no matter how old the ink.

I always get compliments on my scent and glowing complexion after using this. A beauty must have.

Eggs Benefits Please

Three ways to enjoy this superfood.

  1. Eat it: for a nutritious protein based breakfast. Eggs contain biotin, which is key for healthy hair and nails. Eating eggs everyday has made my eyelashes longer, thicker and my scarce eyebrows fuller.
  2. Face mask: egg whites are a great way to exfoliate your skin. Wear it on your face for at least 15 minutes. Save the remainder in a container and store it in the fridge. That way you can use it for the rest of the week preventing waste. In sixth grade greasy bangs left my forehead covered in dark marks. Within a month my complexion was clear. I haven’t stopped using this remedy since.
  3. Hair mask: use the egg yolk as a hair mask. Via digestion, or straight to the source, eggs are terrific for your hair. Mix the yolk with mayo, or use it solo as a deep conditioner. Wear it for 15 to 30 minutes (before shampooing), it will leave your hair so damn moist. Again to prevent waste store the remainder in a container in the fridge.

Fifty three gallons of water, that’s how much it takes to produce a single egg. This is why using every bit is essential.