What Women Want

  • Stop punishing women for not being submissive.
  • To be seen as human rather than an object or accessory.
  • Stop being told to smile.
  • Strange men no longer invading my personal space to holla on the streets.
  • Stop catcalling.
  • Acknowledging that I have earphones in and don’t owe you conversation.
  • Economic revenge when a woman wants to disengage.
  • Not being pitted against other women, because your cowardice hides your emotions.
  • To be heard.
  • To be valued.
  • To be powerful without you tearing us down.

What would you add? Artist: Giulia J Rosa

Reboot: Birth Of Venus

Which Sandro Botticelli reboot resonates with you the most? It’s the second variation for me, the climate change is apt. Certain people have a lack of regard for the planet we inhabit and the elements needed to sustain us. This is the level of stupidity that irks my soul. Clean it up, stop distorting facts to fit your horrific behavior. Via: Nowness, Giulia J Rosa, Oreshina Photo & A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour