HBIC Is Tali Farhadian Weinstein

“She knows she has power and privilege and she uses it to help others whenever she can.”

During his campaign for Manhattan’s District Attorney’s office, Alvin Bragg painted Tali Farhadian Weinstein as a self-involved billionaire. Pointing out her luxurious Upper East Side apartment and tax history, making her seem unrelatable to the majority of New York City denizens. Unfortunately it worked, she was the runner up with his corrupt ass winning the position. Defeat isn’t easy, especially when you’re deserving, but for the righteous it means better things are in store. Which is exactly how she got to be in charge of a case that not only involves Hollywood’s elite, but will affect the Presidential Election. She is literally about to make decisions that change and shape the world. As she has full power of attorney, and copious amounts of damaging evidence in her favor. These people are pretty much her bitch. If they were smart, they’d do as she says.

In fact it’s her immense wealth that allowed her not to be corrupted. She doesn’t need Rupert Murdoch’s, Mick Jagger’s , the Kardashian Jenner West’s, or Mark Zuckerberg’s ( fraction of the people/ organizations we’re going after) hush money. She’s going to take it from you anyway, if other people were smart they would have chosen this route. You’d be getting way more money, affluence and blessings this way. I’m a Goddess, whatever energy you give me, I return multiplied. In ways that these people cannot, I’m a divine, preternatural. If you are against me, it won’t bode well in your favor. As you’re seeing.
While this case was going on I kept her in the loop, after seeing a sign from the universe that she is the one. Another vessel of divine justice. She actually cares and Kathy Hochul was foolish not to replace Bragg with Farhadian Weinstein as I asked. Now look. Hochul is also corrupt.

It took me time to find her, I also had to sort through the energy of attorney’s who will be on their way out of the legal system. Corrupt, immoral, blasphemous idiots, sheep on the side of evil.
Tali Farhadian Weinstein found a law firm a month after my case was dismissed, with my sending her updates all the time.
She has full power of attorney, because I trust her as the almighty GOD told me to. I know she has the experience, ideas, heart, determination, to make this world a better place. That she’s able to make decisions that get us what we need, without wasting government resources. She knows how to decipher convoluted relationships to figure who’s the victim and who’s the criminal, with Mick Jagger being both. Thanks to Melanie raggedy Anne Hamrick.

If more people were like her, the world wouldn’t be ending.

This is her time to show the world who she is, without being in the background, or in someone else’s shadow. She earned it. Let this be a lesson in two things. One, sometimes when you lose you win. Two, don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because Alvin Bragg (that vile loser) is black like me, doesn’t mean he cares about black people. He doesn’t care about any person of color, he’s a criminal, a corrupt politician. Who gets paid to prosecute the innocent. He racially profiles people, using his black card to hide his insidious intent. He aligns with evil, desperate to be on Tali Farhadian Weinstein’s level of wealth by any means necessary (read: Alvin Bragg Has Malicious Intent, also type his name in the search bar). This is why he places profit over people. He’s a fucking fraud and his time’s up. You will always reap what you sow times three. Xoxo Athena. Via: Yahoo