Little Things Gratitude List

Honor the little things with a little gratitude list. All too often we overlook the blessings in our lives. Here’s mine:

*Iphone 13 upgrade– Yes, it took 6 entire hours of my life and threw off my entire day, which as a virgo rising I didn’t appreciate, but apparently there’s a shortage. Apple is scrambling to meet Christmas orders for the their phones. T-Mobile wasn’t sure they had any left and I got the last one. For six years I’d been using the iphone 6, irate I couldn’t simultaneously use my headphones and charger, I refused to upgrade.
*Karma- Everyone who came for me is now facing, and will continue to face their karma. Albeit sometimes I’m ahead since I can see into the future. Hardships are meant to teach you lessons, persevere. Don’t confuse temporary struggles as permanent. What goes around comes around, in the meantime have faith.
*Good health- I spent the weekend sweating out toxins due to sickness. My throat hurt, lower back, moving made my entire body ache. Simple task were daunting. I rarely get sick, the reminder that good health is a blessing, noted.
*My power- Had I not been what I am, I would not survive these attacks of dark magic, or powerful evil people trying to come for me. You got the right bitch.
*God- The almighty source, who protects me through all darkness, making me a closer piece of your divinity, as Athena.

Challenge yourself for the next two weeks by finding five things to be grateful for daily. Doesn’t matter how big, or small. Via: Poets And Writers