Healing Is Accepting

I don’t want to forget;

I want to be okay with


The things that happened to you only define you if you allow them to. Self-love means accepting not forgetting, repressing or omitting. Being okay with the memories that haunt you. Easier said than done, harder than anything you’ll ever do, like most inner work, but the reward is worth it. It outlast and exceeds the pain, plus you get to see how strong you are. That you can achieve anything, because you went to war with yourself, for yourself. Where are you on your journey of self-healing? Have you started? Are you going to? Via: Girl Gaze

Three Strikes You’re Out

You can only give people so many chances. Even if they’ve done something great for you in the past; people change, things change, once someone exhibits toxic, disrespectful behavior let them go. Personally, I have a three strikes you’re out rule. I’m getting more meticulous with social media as well, I don’t want to follow or connect with anyone who is toxic af, no matter who they are. Energetic ties are everything, so many people have chaotic, unhappy lives due to low vibrational company kept. That shit spreads. Cutting people off has left me feeling light, filled with merriment and at peace. Are there any toxic people who need the boot? Who came to mind? Do you hold on for personal, or professional reasons? Remember a toxic person will turn an inch into a mile, give them nothing. Via: Poets and Writers

Love And Trust

You can love someone without trusting them. I love my sister, but I don’t trust her. You can trust someone without loving them. I trust my lawyer, but I don’t love her. Which is bigger for you, love or trust? What experiences led you to that conclusion? Photo: Poets and Writers