Three Strikes You’re Out

You can only give people so many chances. Even if they’ve done something great for you in the past; people change, things change, once someone exhibits toxic, disrespectful behavior let them go. Personally, I have a three strikes you’re out rule. I’m getting more meticulous with social media as well, I don’t want to follow or connect with anyone who is toxic af, no matter who they are. Energetic ties are everything, so many people have chaotic, unhappy lives due to low vibrational company kept. That shit spreads. Cutting people off has left me feeling light, filled with merriment and at peace. Are there any toxic people who need the boot? Who came to mind? Do you hold on for personal, or professional reasons? Remember a toxic person will turn an inch into a mile, give them nothing. Via: Poets and Writers

You Are The Company You Keep

The company you keep is crucial. You can look at the characters in a persons life and tell everything about them. If someone is vacuous and vapid, more than likely their friends are too. Quality human beings for the most part stick together, as does low vibrating ones. There are direct correlations between the people you hang with and other areas of your life. You hang out with criminals you’re more likely to commit crimes, because the group dictates the norm. Do the people in your life bring out the best in you? Why or why not? How does it affect other areas of your life (work, social activities, decision making, perspectives…)