Melanie Hamrick’s Karmic Justice

“She looks like one of Charles Manson’s girls, deranged and feral. She is not cute.”-Nani

That’s exactly what Melanie Hamrick looks like. Google them if you don’t know who the infamous Manson girls are, she fits right in both looks and morals wise. Melanie believing she’s better than L’Wren Scott whom she tried to be, in any way, shape, or form is a JOKE. You could never, you couldn’t even do the bare minimum and be beautiful. Look at the above close ups of her face, Mick Jagger would never look at you twice. Her non existent career reflects her person. Beauty is power and she ain’t beautiful.

Now let’s get down to karmic justice and what her deal with the devil really was. Melanie did black magic in hopes to copy Misty Copeland and Prince, (read Misty Copeland Vs. Melanie Hamrick) to achieve success, fame, be considered beautiful, and black magicked a son to look exactly like Mick. She wanted to be Lwren, so she switched places. The devil gave her all these things with a catch, as he does everyone.

Melanie can’t sue me for defamation, because I got her to incriminate herself, therefore she made up lies. Now all the things that were once a blessing are a curse. I can now subpoena her information in defense of her false allegations, turn her case into a murder trial, and put her in prison, as promised to her troll accounts. The fact that she took those screenshots to the cops prove she is using fake accounts, as I’ve never communicated with her any other way, I been blocked her.

Melanie can’t flee the country, because of Deveraux, the kid you black magicked is literally your demise. Not only that, Melanie has no career, she depends on child support (Lwren’s fortune she left to Mick). Even if she left she’d have no financial means to support herself, and leaving with the boy would be considered abduction. Topping it off Mick is an icon, her departure in the midst of a court case would make headlines.

The devil promised Melanie fame, but it won’t be for ballet, it’ll be for black magic. The devil promised her a look alike son, who is now her anchor to prison. She shortened Lwren’s life meaning her life and the boys will be shortened (you reap what you sow). Melanie lived well off Mick like a parasite. Now she will live the opposite in prison. She tried to be better than L’Wren, now she will forever live in her shadow, as well as mine. Everything was a false blessing, because the devil is friends with no one. She will now be the ugly one who black magicked L’Wren & Mick, that’s her legacy. Remember kids, you will always reap what you sow MULTIPLIED. When you make deals with the devil he always comes to collect, and he has for her, her defunct coven and those aligned with her, fans, family and friends included. You cannot escape your fate. Times up. There’s always a catch with his deals, always. I was your protector, but if you weren’t aligned with GOD enough to see, you played yourself not me. Via: L’Wren Scott Archive