Melanie Hamrick Copies Lwren Scott…Again

“Lwren did a shoot with her hair blowing back, so I will too, Lwren posed like that, I will too, Lwren wore this so I’m gonna wear it.” This is literally what goes on in Melanie Hamrick’s psychotic mind. The girl is a murderer, rapist, black magic nutcase. She belongs in an asylum in a straight jacket. You can never and will never be Lwren Scott. Below you’ll find Melanie writing her own article based on the words Lwren’s mom used to describe her affect on Mick.

Now here’s a Hollywood lesson, rags like the
Daily Mail aren’t reputable and will run what
you pay them to. Melanie’s favorite hobby is
writing articles and paying for her delusions
of talent, beauty and monogamy, from a man
you black magicked to be printed.

Melanie black magicked to “tame” and rape someone. Who tried to leave you for Noor and currently is holding me financially hostage, as well as bribing suitors away from me. The level of delusion. You had to force a baby so he would be connected forever. There’s SO much more where this came from. Unlike Melanie I have options, which I plan to pursue. This is my birthday month, I plan on freeing myself by any means necessary. I don’t care who collateral damage is tbh, it’s been a year and a half, enough is enough. Instead of his disgusting family setting me free, they decided to be antagonistic. My turn. And as you can see this is why I call the Jaggers dingbats. They aren’t bright, which is why I was sent into their lives. Is there anything they can’t screw up? We’ll see tomorrow. Happy birthday month to me! Xoxo Athena, again feel free to go to Mick Jaggers Archives for evidence of what I am. DM hur. Those aligned with Melanie will be, I repeat will be going to hell. Including family, fans and friends who follow, like or engage in her energy. Tootles. Will Mick give me my money or let EVERYONE down? He can’t lie his way out of this one.