Melanie Hamrick And June 24th 2021

Lwren Scott came to me because I didn’t take Mick Jagger seriously. If you read my article Single White FeM(elaine) Hamrick (link at end of article), you’d see multiple messages of Mick complaining that she’s: evil, manipulative, causing trouble with his children, a negative connection in his life. Drowning in celebrity drama involving people who actually matter, I was disinterested. Like most people, mediocre Melanie isn’t someone I pay attention. Who is she? I apologized to Mick later. I’m an accountable human being, I own my shit. Being a better person matters to me. Plus I was being a hypocrite, doing to him what others were doing to me, when I complained about being racially profiled by the Kardashian Jenner West coven and their power hungry affiliates.

L’Wren Scott showed me what happened to her, because the next full moon was less than two weeks away, June 24th 2021. Melanie planned on doing to his entire line what she did to her. She was going to take them out, leaving Deveraux Jagger the sole heir to his fortune. Mind you the boy is a product of black magic, murder, and rape. Neither he nor his deformed mother are owed anything. Due to his origins his ending will be steeped in tragedy. To get rid of the children born with consent, because he chose their beautiful mothers, takes a temerity only an ugly, desperate, deformed psycho possesses.

Deveraux has everyone’s DNA, she would have wiped them out in a matter of days. Without Lwren, without me, his entire brood would be deceased. How do they repay us, owing us their lives? Disrespect. Georgia, Karis, Lucas and Jade sealed their fates by not listening to me, nor honoring the dead as a universal law in such a case, hubris, and taking too many other souls to hell. By continuing to support a murderer and rapist, they made others think it was okay to align with Melanie, adding to the devil’s collection. Exactly what I tried to prevent. This is why I said disconnect your energy, it’s everything! Yet here we are, due to ego and insolence. Mind you his kids were already hell bound. At least Lwren saved some, Devereaux will be going with her when she is ready to claim him. Even as Athena I follow the universal laws, which is why I instantly honored Lwren and am still doing so. Yes I’m a divine, but there’s still the almighty. If I did it as a deity, who the hell are you guys to think yourself above it? For a weirdo, who isn’t attractive, talented, or cool, who your dad didn’t want to affiliate with any longer, who was so obsessed with L’Wren she had to be her (stealing her poses, outfits, life, look at row two an entire wannabe freak show, when Lwren didn’t want to die), then pretend to be better than her. Just wait til I start posting the articles she wrote, just wait. How do the Jagger family live with themselves? Shame on you.

Single White Fem(elanie) Hamrick: