Melanie Hamrick Inherits NOTHING

Let’s talk about the fact that Mick Jagger was literally going to die, let his kids show up to the will reading, and find out they weren’t getting a cent. He doesn’t want the murder rape baby, he never did, as his freewill was taken, his lover murdered, and him raped. Mick’s kids are terrible, disgusting, entitled, lazy, stupid, vile, trashy people. They deserve what he gave as his final wish. All you had to do was respect him, you can’t even do the easiest job. You chose a deformed face, unattractive, lying, murderer rapist, who planned on murdering you, over your parents. I say parents because the mothers will be joining them. You raised this, I blame you. Over your own kids, they will now be joining you. I might let Bianca Jagger and Marsha Hunt free, jury’s still out.

Melanie Hamrick and her murder rape baby aren’t getting a DIME of inheritance, not like they’ll be around long, the devils come to collect. She ruined her life, perjury is a felony, that’s before I even do the murder trial. She is going to pay my attorney fees, hers, my defamation lawsuit, be exposed and incarcerated. KARMA.

How many people dragged to hell and careers ruined, because of his kids games?

No wonder he wanted babies with me, his current kids are awful, evil and money hungry. L’Wren Scott should never have saved them. Now Mick as his karma will not be having kids with me, and have to take custody since Melanie committed a felony. That’s what he gets. We are finished. Now he’s lost the one person who always had his back. Protected him. I’m so happy to start my life without him and his baggage. He has until Tuesday 5pm to give me my money, or I’m suing him. I’ve been kind enough, times up. Now as I walk away, he realizes I truly loved him. He will watch me start a family with another, while his falls apart. I’ve given him enough understanding and time. Karma always comes multiplied. Be a good person.